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Athey Park is home to Washington College's oldest intercollegiate sport - baseball.  The facility is named in honor of long-time athletic director and coach Edward L. Athey '47.  A new field was installed in 2007 and the current stadium architecture and pressbox were completed in 2009. In the summer of 2014, the field was completely resurfaced with Bermuda grass. The the field is now overseeded every fall with rye so the grass is always green. Athey Park is the only baseball facility in the Centennial Conference with Bermuda grass and one of the northernmost fields in the country to feature it.

The college's "Western Shore" dorms line the outfield and students often grill and lounge in "Atheyville" on game days. 

The field's dimensions are 315 feet to right and left, 375 in right and left center, and 390 in center.